Un-retail Therapy

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I feel like such a grown-up this week. I served Ben his divorce papers yesterday. How is that for fast? From separation to filing in a week. I went online and did it all myself. I took them to the courthouse Friday on my lunch, and served Ben yesterday. I'm freaking on top of it. Makes me feel OLD though.

This weekend has been the weekend of shopping for Tami and I, I swear... We hit Michaels, because I needed some candles and other fun things. I got this candle and holder.
I love Halloween because of the lovely Gothic look of everything. It's my favorite holiday! Plus you put something like this on your altar and people think you're a devil worshiper which is always really fun :D
Check out the little dangling skulls...

Tami and I also spotted this feather wreath. She produced a 40% off coupon for me and BAMMO! I am now the proud owner of the coolest wreath in the world. I mean really... how could you not just LOVE this??

Today Ben took Bekah in the morning, so Tami and I went to People's market. It was way fun, we spent about two hours there just looking at stuff, eating food, buying WAY too much... and having a great time. There were some truly awesome things!

First off I needed some new stones. All my old ones were from my married life, and had that imbibed into them. I needed fresh stones with a fresh start. These four felt the best, and then I discovered why! Three of them (green jasper, red jasper, and the agate) are spiritual cleansers that help with the healing and the heart chakra, the fourth (tiger's eye) helps with healing and rejuvenation of the body. Yes, I'm a dork :)

These are the super cool necklaces I got. The top one is a piece of shell with "Joy" written on it, that I just loved. The bottom one is going to be the first of many! This lady finds the coolest art scraps and puts them in glass necklaces. This print is from the old OZ books, this is the princess of Oz. How cool and art nouveau is she??

This is something I found last year, and am obsessed with... I LOVE Kai Bula body scrub! It's all natural, organic, non-toxic (actually edible so kids/pets won't get sick) and it does WONDERS for the body. I have now converted my mom and my aunt. I think we'll need to send some to Bobbie and get her converted, but in Texas she doesn't have the dry skin problems we do here!

We also bought some fun food, and a container of tomatoes for Bekah. The has eaten the whole thing already! That girl loves her fruit...

Well there is my photo journey through the things I've bought this weekend. Retail therapy works so much better when it's not retail!!

Can't wait til Tami and I go next weekend!


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