It's raining, it's pouring

Thursday, August 19, 2010

And I'm stuck inside for lunch today. No lunch to eat, and no way I'm going out in that hurricane... I hope it dissipates soon, but I also kinda hope it goes on all day :)

I love the sound of the rain. Makes me wish I was home, on my covered back porch, wrapped in a blanket with a cup of chai tea watching it rain like mad. That sounds like heaven right now. Guess it's impossible though, it's not my house anymore... sigh.

Bekah is loving her new daycare which is a relief. My mom and I have both noticed a significant change in her mood. This place is much more structured, and there are less children, 16 total with a ratio of 1-8, so she doesn't get lost like she did at the center. Plus there are only a couple her age. She'll have fun when they start the preschool curriculum next month... she is so smart that the focus will be good for her. Until then we'll keep up with the flash cards (her favorite thing now!) and the puzzles. I can't believe how focused she can get. Anything for some one-on-one time with me or Grammy or Tami.

This Sunday we have a booth at the people's market! How cool is that? Sunday at the Peace Gardens in West Valley (900W and 1000S) from 10 AM to 2 PM. The weather is supposed to be perfect! I'm not selling much, just some cards I made... but my mom and aunt are selling some way cool stuff.

Saturday is Honey's baby shower... that should be interesting! Nothing like being the guest of honor's surrogate! I'm the baby momma, but not the momma! I love it :)

Well enough rambling, I suppose I'll just keep working through my lunch since I'm not leaving in this storm!


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