Mamma Mia

Monday, August 9, 2010

So tonight I get to go take a class on divorce. Ben's going to take the same one I think. Jeez, that ought to be fun......

Anyway I'd really like to update, but my life is kinda boring as of late. I mean, besides the whole earthshaking, life-changing crap going on. But you already know about all of that. Nothing new there. I guess I'm lucky it's not full of crazy drama. I'm glad that he's being amiable to most things, and he is being very respectful of my position as Boo's mom. Yesterday after I chewed him out for a bad choice (driving our daughter in a potentially unsafe car) he actually complimented me on being a good mom. It's not hard... you just put her first. Always.

I guess maybe that comes easier to some of us... to the more mature, or more responsible lot. I've always been a mom. At least I know that's one thing I'm good at. Even if the other stuff in my life comes crashing down... I'm a great mom.

She's a great kid too. She's had a really rough week. I'm so tired of yelling at her, putting her in time-out and dealing with "NO!" from her. I know she's testing her boundries with me. Now that dad is the "fun" parent who doesn't discipline her anymore, I am the authoritarian, and she needs to know where my boundaries are. Having your boundaries tested sucks. Just so you know.

Any-who I guess back to my lunch. Wish me luck at the class with the interesting company tonight :)


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