Sunday, August 29, 2010

I just about ripped off two toenails.. OUCH! At first I thought I'd just stubbed them really bad. You know that adrenaline response your body has immediately? Makes you feel like, "Oh ouch! Oh, no wait that's ok cool!" Then I look down two minutes later... and there is blood dripping out of two of my middle toenails... like down my toes onto the floor. It looked like something from a horror movie.

I calmly look at them and think, huh, that's odd. I wonder why they're bleeding. Guess I'll go dress them, and put some neosporin on. Don't want an infection! La di da, I casually dress them and as I'm finishing up... THROB. Oh, that hurts a little, now the blood makes sense... I walk around a bit, say goodbye to Serenity (she was enjoying my first shoofly pie...) and then THROB THROB THROB OH holy hell what did I do??

At this point I sit down and feel my toes. They hurt. Badly. And they're swelling in their little wrappers. Ow. So I sit a moment... then decide I should go sit on my bed and put my foot up. I take that first step, confident it'll feel like the one I took, oh two minutes previously. Wrong. In the two minutes I'd examined my toes, they had decided to no longer hold up my big, pregnant, clumsy body and I had to half limp, half hop to my bed.

Did I bring ice? No. Did I bring tylenol or a drink? No. So now I'm stranded on an isle of mattress, with a tricky three-year-old who has been moments away from a tantrum all day. Then my mom calls. And that's when it all came to a teary end...

Have you ever noticed how when your mom calls you can't pretend to be ok? You try and put on your big girl voice... and then she says something that disarms you. Something in that caring momma voice... and it's all over. And I had a breakdown.

She only heard the part of it I tried really hard to hide on the phone. You know how your voice get's all high and weird. "No I'm o-o-o-k m-mom." *sob* "I'm just, just, just t-t-tired..." *sob* Yeah... she see's right through it. Anyway I had a full on double breakdown after I hung up. You know the kind... where everything that's ever gone wrong in your day/week/life suddenly weighs upon you.

Granted I have a lot to cry about... plus the hormones make it so much the better. I finally cleaned myself up, hugged my snotty three-year-old who was at the moment so adorable it hurt. Now I'm rotating between icing the toes of doom (still swelling...) and hobbling around getting things ready for bed. I loathe that anyone had to witness my pathetic moment, even my mom. Now my big girl panties are hitched up, and all is well.

But my toes REALLY hurt...


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