Labor of Love

Monday, October 11, 2010

 (30 weeks)
(36 weeks)
So I am still all pregnant. Doing ok, just sick of how sick the pre-labor is making me. The cramps have made me so queasy.... and the hormones make me hot and grumpy. I'm trying to keep my chin up and my spirits high, but it is getting hard. I'm ready for the end of this journey.

My mom has decided her new dream job (one of many) would to be a doula. I explained what they do, and she thought that would just be the coolest thing. I agree... since over the weekend she was a fantastic doula for me. She'll be great when I'm in real labor. What a blessing to have a mother like her. I know I'm so lucky to be her daughter. Truly.

Now, to bed, and maybe (just maybe) I'll wake in the grip of full tilt labor!


Beckstreet said...

Seriously? No baby yet? This is getting ridiculous!

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