Blue October

Friday, October 1, 2010

I really need to stop going a week at a time without blogging. But this week I have a perfect excuse. I got the cold from HELL. Sunday my mom discovered her allergies were a cold. I felt so bad for her! The next day the same thing happened to me. Turns out the crazy allergies Bekah had last week was actually a cold in disguise! No wonder she was so crabby... this is a mean cold.

Now I'm on day 5, and still feeling kinda out of it. I think the fever finally broke today, and I'm starting to get some relief from the sinus pressure. Being pregnant I can't take anything fun. Tylenol PM has saved me though... I went two nights with no sleep before I finally took one. Amazing stuff.

Now it's October, my favorite month ever! Have you ever noticed how blue the skies are in october? Not that watery blue of  summer, but almost sapphire colored. So blue that the daytime moon shines almost as bright as it does at night. I think perhaps it's my favorite because of my birthday, or because of halloween, but truly its the weather. Cool and crisp as a fall apple. I can't wait!

I don't think Daemon can wait either. I truly believe he wants to experience this October. Even though his guess date is early November, I really feel like he's on his way already. As of next friday I'm considered full term. That's good because he's showing every sign of coming. All the ladies at work are making bets that I'll go before my birthday. This week he dropped... twice. I now have so much more lung and tummy room, and so much less pelvis and bladder room.

I talk with him, you know? Daemon and I have a funny relationship. I feel more like his grandma or aunt than anything. He's told me he's ready to meet his family... I told him he has to wait at least another week because if he goes before 35 weeks, we have a high-risk delivery. I don't want that! So he needs to wait a week or so to make sure he comes into the world in the calm and comfortable manner we've planned.

He knows I'm talking about him because he's just a kicking me while I write this.

Well happy october all, and I hope to write a little more often this week, since this cold appears to be finally dying.


Beckstreet said...

Wow, I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone by. I'm sure it's crept by for you though. Keep us updated!!!

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