Attitude adjustment

Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm better now. I've stopped whining, I've taken some steps to take care of me, I'm asking for more help, trying to get more rest and just accepting this may take a couple more weeks. If I'm still pregnant on the 28th I know what my costume will be for work :) Tee hee.

I got some good Honey time which was really nice... I've missed just having some us time. I love my relationship with her, she's like a sister in that we can just sit and have some tea and cookies and just talk. We talked about work, about the birth, about Daemon, about everything. It's lovely to have someone who understands you so much. I can't wait to bond with her during this labor. I know we'll be soul sisters forever.

So today I am officially 38 weeks! I look ready to pop don't I? He's so big and so low, I really hope he comes soon. Even the long haul isn't so long. 3 more weeks? So doable. See? My attitude rocks!

Well time to get my swollen feets to bed. Night all!!


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