Sunday, October 17, 2010

Also... I am thankful for honey to put in the raspberry leaf tea. Turns out I'm not much of a fan....

Well 5:30 certainly is a fun time to wake up on a Sunday morning. The house is dark and quiet, and I had the choice between lying in bed wondering if it was late enough I could get up, or just getting up already. So here I sit... blogging.

My contractions started getting regular and strong again last night. Strong enough I couldn't focus much on the preschooler who was slowly tearing the house in twain. So I called in the cavalry. Mom. :)

She came home and cleaned and kept me company while I breathed away some pretty constant contractions. Off to bed we went, and truly I figured they'd taper off like they did last weekend. (The last time I called her back from Mike's house to take pity on me) Well no... they didn't taper off much. I spent the night waking up thinking "Why am I awake?" then to be overcome by a medium sized contraction. (think god-awful menstrual cramps in the back and front) and then away it'd go. I'd think... why did I wake up a minute BEFORE the contraction? That was a dearly needed minute of sleep, that was!

After trying lying on my back, side, stomach (not doable at this point) and then laying with my head at the foot of my bed for a while, I just gave up, and here I am. The depressing part is they still aren't strong enough to be actual labor... he's still all cozy in there, he just seems to keep wanting to test the emergency broadcast system.

I guess I'll go for a walk today and see if things get moving. If so, I may have this baby by my birthday! YAY. If not, I may spend my birthday sick and crappy feeling... at work. BOO.

Good morning world!


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