Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our bodies are pretty fascinating machines. They work so many different functions, all at once, to keep us alive, upright and functioning. To truly understand the beauty of the universe, you simply contemplate the beauty of the simple functions we are able to do with these amazing machines.

So this makes me ponder... how does a microorganism called rhinovirus take all the wind out of that machine? It's tiny. Why can't our bodies fight it off without an epic battle of wills ensuing? Why are we the casualties of this war? I know that inevitably our bodies do win, but why does the battle come with so many casualties?

If you can't tell by now... I'm sick. I have been flooding my body with vitamin c (turns out I can absorb a lot more when I'm sick!) and zinc. I've also stayed crazy hydrated, and eaten well. I really did think, since I caught it so early I could stamp it out. My body is amazing, and with vitamins and minerals and fluids I could beat the nasty invaders.

Well, the Huns breached my great wall. I really hope that this is as bad as it gets though, maybe my early response system did do something. Until then, I just wait as my body fights it's hardest. Oh, and I totally ordered pizza for the first time in forever... sick people need pizza.


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