I'm in love!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

With my house!

I found a house to rent here in Magna. I am in love. It's deep. I always fall so hard when I fall in love. I can't stop thinking about it! At night I close my eyes and fantasies of hot chocolate, candles and a movie just develop behind my eyelids.

A comfy couch, a thick blanket and a good book while my little snugs sleeps soundly just a couple rooms away....

A summer full of working in the yard, planting beautiful flowers and drinking iced tea on the back porch.

Short walks to the bakery or the pizza parlor, Bekah and I, just us and the house.A family of three

Ah love, it makes us wait. I can't wait until we make it official, and I move in. The love of my life... a tiny little house.


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