Home Sweet Home

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I found a house! I am so excited! My good friend from high school has this tiny house in Magna she's been trying to sell for about a year... The market is terrible, and Magna is full of "for sale" signs... So I asked if she'd thought about renting it. It was a shot in the dark, really. But she told me she had, and after some back and forth... I have a house!

I am going to start renting in November, after the baby is born. I'm so excited! I'll have the time off work to slowly get moved in and get it perfect (yes, while resting!) It's so uber tiny, but it is 2 bedrooms, and the kitchen and living room are actually pretty big. Though it's a house it's really like an apartment...just over 800 square feet, and a small front yard. It's perfect though! I can maintain a yard that small :) I'm so excited to get it fixed up a bit and start putting a little love into it.

When I get some pics I'll post them... it'll be a work in progress but that's the fun part yeah?

I am so excited!


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