Another Year!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunday was my third anniversary at WesTech. Today we had our anniversary breakfast for all those hired in July. Last years was more fun... this one was kind of like a meeting. If it weren't for the cinnamon roll as big as my head, I so would have not gone lol.

Ah well, two more years and I get an extra week of vacation (WOOT!) Tomorrow is my employee evaluation and next month I get my raise. It's a good couple weeks goin on! Work is still crazy stressful, since they haven't yet replaced Cindy, she can't move to her new position. So that leaves us all to kind of pick up the slack until she does. Just a couple more weeks of that and then everything can go back to normal.

The funny thing is when I started at WesTech I was recently separated and living with my mom. Funny how circular life can be lol. Tonight I need to buckle down and put away the last two loads of laundry, and organize my stuff. I bought some really cool little totes at Target for a buck. I think I'll put boo's shoes (rhymes!) in one, and all my extra toiletries in another. How did I get so much hair/body/face stuff? Methinks I need to weed through that stuff before I store it.

My giant TV is awesome in my tiny little room, glad I kept it! Bekah watches movies on it. I gotta get the antennae set up an see if I can get any TV at all on it.

My mom gave me her old busted laptop to have. The on-button doesn't work but Steven says he can fix it. WAHOO! I can be wireless! That means I don't have to take up half my room with my desktop. Suweet! I love my friends :D

Ok time to keep on truckin.


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