Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Today I am mourning the loss of a friend. Briana was my midwife, but in the short year I knew her she quickly became a friend. 

Saturday she was tragically killed in a car accident. I can't even begin to describe my shock. She was so young, and had so much to still do. She saw her job as a calling, and it truly was. She was called to do this work. I feel like there is a piece of my heart missing, and a hole in the world where she was. It's incredible to me I'll never see her again. 

I am so grateful that we had a wonderful photographer document my birth, more than ever now. Thank you Carolee for creating this beautiful birth story. I see these pictures of Briana and remember the incredible woman she was.

 I'll never forget the first time I met Briana. I hadn't expected someone so young when that door opened up. There she was, not much older than me, and ready to guide me through the unknown world of home birth. Her calm wisdom struck me immediately. I could sense she was incredibly deep under that very serene exterior. The deep kind of wisdom and strength that made you feel stronger, just being around her.
 Briana saved me. She was my anchor when I felt like I was out of control. She was my guide when I was scared. Through 60 exhausting hours of labor, she infused me with her calm strength. 

 She taught me to trust my body, and to trust myself. She showed me how wonderfully strong I am. I learned what I was capable of. She held my hand through the worst and best moments of my life. I am forever changed by her.

 I will miss her sweet smiles; her wise and well-thought words; her strong, soft hands; and the way she could immediately make the room warm with her presence. Briana will live on in the babies she birthed so calmly into the world, and the women she taught to trust their divinity.

Briana, you are so very missed.


Alli said...

my heart aches for you twin...I have felt like I knew her through you and the things you've shared today and before. Be strong and know peace will come.

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